Energetic Cappuccino

Box of 10 units. Taste delicious; Thermogenic; Energy Drink; Excellent to fight stress; Aids in fat burning; Easy to prepare
Manufacturer: Café Campinho

Cappuccino does not come with a simple instant coffee, but with green coffee extract! That's right, the green coffee is processed coffee beans before roasting process, as it has not undergone high temperature roasting it has twice caffeine and chlorogenic acid. Recent studies have found that this substance helps in weight loss by avoiding blood sugar spikes and stimulate fat burning, to use it as a source of energia. Iit also has cinnamon in your formula, which is an excellent antioxidant (slowing premature aging) and thermogenic, helping to speed up metabolism. To complete, it still contains a small amount of simple carbohydrates, serving as an energetic, quick to give that power to those who are going to work!

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Energetic Cappuccino flavor chocolate- box 10

It contains thermogenic green coffee; Excellent to fight stress; Aids in burning body fat. natural energy