Green Tea Instant- box 120 packets

Instant Green Tea
Manufacturer: Café Campinho

Perfect if you want convenience without giving up health care, green tea Maria Bonita has practical packaging (0.5 grams) to prepare at any time and place.

Green tea Maria Bonita has in its composition a high concentration anthocyanins and polyphenols, without added sugar or flavoring, preserving the flavor and quality of traditional green tea.
Green tea Maria Bonita is very simple to prepare just add the cold water or hot water.

Anthocyanins and polyphenols that are also capable of:
• To improve blood flow, preventing some diseases to preserve heart health;
• Reduce the rates of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood, preventing heart disease;
• Stimulate the immune system;
• Burn calories, act as thermogenic in the body, accelerating metabolism, thus aiding in weight loss diets;
• Assist in the detoxification of the body;
• To act as a diuretic.

Recommendation consumption: Dissolve about one sachet in 200ml of hot or cold water. It comes sweetened. It is suggested that eating 3 to 4 portions a day.

-Free Conservantes-
-Gluten Free
-no Lactose
-No sugar